Community Walking

Community Walking free & open to the public, September 11 thru May, 24, 2018

community walking

Franklin residents are invited to walk on the high school track or in the hallways. Walking is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday evenings from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM when Lifelong Community Learning is in session. There is no walking during school vacations. Walkers may use the elevated track when there are no games taking place in the gym. When there are games in the gym, walkers may use the high school hallways on the first floor. There will be signs in the Lifelong Community Learning Office to inform walkers whether the track or hallways are available.

Walkers should enter the Panther Door and go to the Lifelong Community Learning Office to sign-in and receive a guest lanyard. When they are finished walking, they go back to the Lifelong Community Learning Office, sign-out, and return their guest lanyard. The sign-in/sign-out process and the wearing of guest lanyards are part of the school safety protocol. For more information about Community Walking, please email us at  or phone Lifelong Community Learning at 508-613-1480.