Important Policies

Important Private Music Lesson Policies

Lesson Commitment
By enrolling in the Private Music Lesson Program, a student (of any age) is agreeing to attend lessons throughout from the date they start until the end of May. Please take this commitment into consideration before signing up.

Student Absences & Make-Up Lessons
  • Each student is permitted one excused absence per school year which will be made up.
  • Subsequent missed lessons by students will not be made-up and no refunds will be issued. 
  • The Private Music Lesson Program must be notified by phone or by email as soon as possible on the lesson day for an absence due to illness.
  • For an absence for reasons other than illness (vacation, scheduling conflicts, etc.), we must have 24-hour notice.
  • The Lifelong Music Academy office can be reached by telephone at 508-613-1481 or by email at
  • Unless otherwise communicated, all makeup lessons will be scheduled during our makeup weeks at the end of the program year (end of May, beginning of June).  See lesson calendar.
Teacher Absences
All teacher absences will be made-up or a program credit will be issued.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • Elementary students must be escorted inside the school and signed into the lesson in the Private Music Lesson office.  Those students must also be picked up inside the school after the lesson.  
  • Middle school and older students may enter and leave the building by themselves. They must sign into the lesson in the Private Music Lesson office and let someone in the office know before they leave the building.

Lessons are held at Franklin High School.  Enter through the Community Doors (panther above) on the left end of the building near the gym.  Press the buzzer in the far left corner.  We will buzz you in.  Enter the hallway and turn right.  The Lifelong Music Academy / Lifelong Community Learning Office is the first office on the right, Room 137.  Each student will then be shown to the room where their lesson will be.

Attendance Sheets
Attendance sheets are posted on the entry desk in the Lifelong Music Academy / Community Learning Office. All students are required to sign in prior to each lesson.  

Withdrawals & Refunds
Withdrawals and associated refunds for private lessons may be requested only within the first three lessons.

Holiday or Weather Cancellations
If the Franklin Public Schools are closed (i.e. holidays, school vacations) Private Music Lessons will not be held. The exact lesson schedule can be found on the menu to the right.  If the Franklin Public Schools are closed due to a weather emergency, music lessons will not be held and a make-up will be scheduled.

Professional Development Days
Please note that Private Music lessons are held on Professional Development Days.  The exact lesson schedule can be found on the menu to the right.

As always, if you have any questions, please call Lifelong Music Academy at 508-613-1481 or email Office hours are Monday - Thursday 2:30 - 8:00 PM during the school year.