Discount, Withdrawal, Refund, and Minimum Age Policies

Discount, Withdrawal, Refund, Minimum Age Policies, and Expectations

The Lifelong Learning Institute is a self-sustaining department of the Franklin Public Schools. The success of our program relies on your participation and tuition. 

Course Discounts*  
People 65 years of age and older may enroll in courses at a 10% discount with the exception of food, wine, or private vendor courses. 

Town of Franklin employees who regularly work 20 or more hours per week during the school year may enroll themselves or their minor children in courses at a 10% discount with the exception of food, wine, or private vendor courses. 

Need-Based Scholarships
Scholarships** are available for Franklin Public Schools students in K-12 who are registering for classes held at a FPS location and who are currently eligible and have been approved*** for free or reduced lunch can receive one scholarship per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) in any of the following Lifelong Learning Institute programs:  Community Learning, Music Academy, Solutions Extended Learning or Summer Programs.

Example:  Scholarship for a course covering multiple quarters means the student is ineligible for additional scholarships in any of the included quarters.  

Scholarship Fees  
The student will receive a discounted price based on their free or reduced lunch eligibility/approval as follows:

Free Lunch = 90%  discount off the class cost
Reduced Lunch = 50% discount off the class cost

Payment is due at the time of registration and follows our class withdrawal/cancelation policy. 

 *discounts cannot be combined - only one discount per class
**Does not include private vendor classes, Private Music Lesson, Solutions Extended Day, or Solutions Summer Adventure.
***For more information on Free and Reduced Lunch or to apply online click here.  A new application must be filled out for each school year.

 Course Withdrawal Policy  

  • If you withdraw from a course two weeks prior to the course start date, you will receive a full refund, less a $10 OR 10% processing fee, whichever is greater.
  • If you withdraw less than two weeks before the course start date, there are no refunds, no credits, and no transfers unless there is a medical reason that would restrict the registrant from participating in the class.  An explanation along with a documented medical statement from a physician should be submitted to the director of Lifelong Learning.  If it is determined a refund is due, the registrant will receive a prorated refund for the remaining classes less a $10 OR 10% processing fee, whichever is greater.

Minimum Age Policy

All registrants must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate in Lifelong Community Learning classes. Exceptions to this policy include: Kids' Corner classes where students are grouped according to their grade levels; any class involving alcohol demonstrations and/or tastings - students must be 21 years of age to participate; and special family programs.

Participant Expectations

  • Respect fellow teammates/classmates - Never single out, ridicule, or mock any teammates. 
  • Biased-based behaviors, offensive jokes, slurs or inappropriate language of any kind are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. 
  • Respect coaching/ instructor authority - When asked to change negative behavior, respect the request even if there is disagreement with that point of view.
  • Demonstrate great teamsmanship - When we have the opportunity to show respect to our opponents/classmates we do!  
  • Positively support others
    • Show support for others!
    • Have FUN!
    • Loud and energetic cheering is encouraged!  Use of inappropriate language embarrassing to oneself, Franklin Public Schools, or the Town of Franklin is not acceptable.

Participants who violate these expectations will face suspension in future events.

Class date, time, and location may be subject to change.