About Solutions

Solutions Extended Day Program

Solutions is committed to providing enriching educational and recreational opportunities for our kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The program enables Franklin Public Schools to respond to the needs of our students, their families, and their schools. The Solutions program was created in an effort to continue to stretch the cultural, educational, and athletic experiences of elementary school children. Frequently, there are requests for additional study, research, and experiences beyond those possible during the traditional school day. In addition, many parents/guardians have expressed the need for a safe and enriching program before and after school to accommodate the needs of a working family. 

Solutions responds to these needs in several ways. First, the program incorporates a safe, affordable, and dynamic agenda designed to meet the busy schedules of working families. The before-school program begins at 7:00 AM and continues until the start of the traditional school day. The after-school program begins at the close of the traditional school day and continues until 6:00 PM. Solutions is offered at all five* of Franklin's elementary schools. The child and parent/guardian both know that the child will be at his/her school for the entire day and will not have to leave school and travel to a new venue. Solutions enables students the opportunity to participate in a number of enriching activities as well as homework club (optional). 

Solutions is structured to answer a variety of needs within a safe and stimulating environment.