Fun At-Home Activities

How Do Flowers Bloom Experiment
(K-2 Flower Printable & 3-7 Flower Printable)
Joey's Flower Bloom Experiment
Click HERE to watch a video

Ice Excavation
Traveling Water Experiment
Water Balloon Parachutes
Index Card Challenge
DIY Robot Hand
Upcycle a Garden
Strawberry DNA Extraction
Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe
5 Experiments with Water
STEM Challenge - Thermo Fisher
Walking Rainbow Science Experiment
Fluffy Cloud Dough

Augmented Reality Color Sheets
(Download the QuiverVision App on your device)
Bird and Squirrel Treats
Bird's Nest Challenge
Invisible Ink
Rescue Han Solo Nature Scavenger Hunt 1
Nature Scavenger Hunt 2
Sprout House Activity
Sink or Float Experiment
Life Cycle of a Honey Bee
Facts About Bees
Inside a Hive

Finger Knitting
DIY Sponge Balls
Fingerprint Art
Baby Yoda Coloring Book
Fantastic Beasts Color Pages
Harry Potter Color Pages
No-Sew Sock Bunny
"Bubble Snake" Maker
Taste-Safe Paint
Paul Revere Color Sheet
Paper Lantern Craft
Magic Marker Leaf Printing
Table Top Football Craft
Bee Happy Color Sheet
Spring Color Sheet
"We're All in This Together" Color Sheet
Paper Plate Crab Craft
 Paper Plate Bees & Template
DIY Bee Bath
Bee Color Sheet
DIY Bee Feeder

Extreme Color By Number Pages
Hidden Picture Pages
Mandala Color Pages
Mind Bender - Perplexors
Mind Bender - Pix Mix
Bee Themed Hidden Pictures
Bee Themed Extreme Color by Number

Shadow Puppets
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Map
Shark Cootie Catcher Directions
Shark Cootie Catcher PDF
Peanut Butter & Jelly Fish Video


Extreme Dot to Dots 1
Extreme Dot to Dots 2
I-Spy Challenge - Camping
I-Spy Challenge - Emoji
I-Spy Challenge - Harry Potter
I-Spy Challenge - Nature
I-Spy Challenge - Star Wars
DIY Pixel Art
Disney Math Pixel Art
I-Spy Challenge - Unicorn

The Game of Spoons
Fun with Water - 5 Water Games
Jump Into Summer - 2 Jump Rope Games
Pass the Water
Target Practice & Toe Diving
Water War
Cookie Face Challenge
Disney Would You Rather...?
What's Your Name? Workout
Under the Sea Word Search
Ocean Creature Memory Game
Family Fitness Challenge

Disney Cooking - Dole Whip
"Dirt Pie" Recipe
Smushy Smoothie Recipes
Make Your Own Butter
Ants on a Log
Peanut Butter & Jelly Fish Snack
Crabby Apples
Fish and Chips Snack
Bumble Bee Treat

Understanding SEL and Self-Care
12 Social-Emotional Skills Activities
Self-Care and SEL Activities
Coping Skills Wheel
(Directions & Printable Wheel)
The Game of Emotions
Yoga For Kids
Yoga for Kids - Partners
Make Your Own Mandala
(Directions & Printable Template)
DIY Calming Bottle

*Some of the ideas that we like have been found on other websites. We have listed the web page at the bottom of the activity.